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He must have thought it was the chase of his life. And it very nearly did cost him his life when Ben the springer collie-cross tumbled 120 feet over a cliff – and survived.
The one-year-old dog was in hot pursuit of a deer when he plunged over a cliff at Durlston Bay, near Swanage in Dorset.
Incredibly, the plucky pooch was uninjured in the fall and waited faithfully on the rocks below for his owner to collect him.

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Elephant walk!

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By Swindon Advertiser

It is like that famous a scene from Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book as they troop contentedly along the red dusty trail in ones and twos, ears flapping in the midday heat.

I can almost hear that song as they pass: “Hup two three four, keep it up two three four.”

OK, it is not quite in a military style, as befitting Colonel Hathi’s soldierly patrol from the film. But there is a definite semblance of order as these sublime creatures process purposefully through the town.

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Purrfect kitty!

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Adorable Kitten

By Bob Seeley

AKRON, Ohio – What’s the last thing you might expect to see walking the halls of a hospital? If you said a horse, you’d be wrong if you were at Akron Children’s Hospital Thursday morning.
Petie the pony visitied patients at their bedsides to warm the hearts of children and their families.
Petie, who just turned 20 years old, has been visiting the hospital since 1997 and is the only horse certified to be inside a hospital in the country. The children Petie meets are patients whose days are usually filled with tests, doctors and hospital routine. Then as they sit in their rooms, a horse walks in and suddenly the day becomes a little brighter.

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Face to face..with himself!

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Funny cats in water

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