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Halloween Cat

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Halloween Cat

Most equine veterinarians, at least those who are American Association of Equine Practitioners members, work with nonracing performance horses during their years of training and competition. These animals compete in a wide range of athletic activities encompassing everything from rodeo to dressage to endurance riding.

To better assist its members, the AAEP has developed guidelines for veterinarians who treat horses competing in athletic events other than racing. The document, “Clinical Guidelines for Veterinarians Treating the Non-Racing Performance Horse,” promotes medical practices the AAEP believes place the appropriate emphasis on the health, safety, and welfare of performance horses.

Focusing on the highly competitive performance horse environment, the guidelines address the importance of obtaining a specific diagnosis before administering treatment.

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guinea-pig Tupla, she is very nice :)

by JetSetCD

Early in September, American Airlines hired a pet detective. While that sounds hilarious, the reason for the new hire is decidedly not; American accidentally lost a cat traveling with a passenger at New York’s JFK Airport back in August (the cat’s cage door came open). Since then, airport staff have been keeping their eyes open for the orange tabby cat, even putting food and water out in the cargo area, where Jack would most likely be hiding out.

Alas, no hide nor hair has been seen of the kitty, but there’s no giving up. Instead, this last Saturday AA [Edit: Friends of Jack] organized Jack the Cat Awareness Day, where a search party of volunteers made the issue of the missing cat known around the airport. They passed out flyers to travelers and probably looked under every row of SmarteCarts. Alas, no dice.

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