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Baby and the cat

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By Sandhya Gorthi

If you are expecting a new baby in the family and you are unsure of how your cat will react to the new member, here are a few tips for that purr-fect bond. Try and see the impending arrival of your baby from your cat’s point of view. This will help minimise the cat’s insecurity or jealousy. Continue to make time for her, introduce her to other babies, and make any changes in her sleep or other habits well before the arrival of the baby.

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A spy among bunnies!

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Easter Bunny or Guinea pig  spy? MAKE MINE CHOCOLATE!


Hamlin was a dog nobody wanted. One of a litter of four unplanned and unexpected puppies, he was born in a backyard in West Virginia to a mother of no specific breed. We decided he’s a “mixed hound,” but that’s really anybody’s guess. His owner placed a free-to-good-home ad on Craigslist and, one by one, Hamlin’s siblings drove off to unknown fates. Maybe the homes really were good. But if you work at an animal shelter, as I do, you tend to be pretty cynical about Craigslist homes.

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Artistic Otter Likes To Paint

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Baby Turtles Go Out To Sea

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Howl-o-Ween’s Costumed Canines

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Who said you need two legs to dress up for Halloween? From a Dachshund hot dog to a Samba-wearing Chow Chow, CTVNews.ca takes a look at the costumed canines from around the world.

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