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Avalon Renews Feral Cat Program

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By Jack Fichter

A successful cat trap, neuter and release (TNR) program will continue in the borough.

At a Tue., Nov. 22 meeting, Borough Council amended an ordinance to continue the program that was scheduled to expire Dec. 31. The ordinance also prohibits the “feeding of wildlife and strays.”

Volunteer Sue Keene, who has overseen TNR program, told Borough Council earlier in the month that the program “lives on donations” and uses no taxpayer money.”

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Hoppy Bunny

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Wandering wolf inspires hope… and dread

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — A young wolf from Oregon has become a media celebrity while looking for love, tracing a zigzag path that has carried him hundreds of miles nearly to California, while his alpha male sire and a sibling that stayed home near the Idaho border are under a death warrant for killing cattle.
Backcountry lodge owner Liz Parrish thinks she locked eyes with the wolf called OR-7 on the edge of the meadow in front of her Crystalwood Lodge, on the western shore of Upper Klamath Lake, and hopes someday she will hear his howls coming out of the tall timber.
“I was stunned — it was such a huge animal,” said Parrish, who has seen her share of wolves while racing dog sleds in Alaska and Minnesota. “He just stopped and stared.

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Thank you Doctor! Thank you!

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Thank you by =Quadraro on deviantART

Written by Marylin Kraker of Michigan (USA)

It was late when we returned to our rural home after a Whitecaps baseball game, and we heard a very loud bleating, like a goat. We found a fawn with its leg twisted in the wire fence across the road. It was one of the twins I had been watching for a couple of weeks.

My two sisters were visiting and helped hold the little fawn down while we tried to figure out how to get it loose. My partner ran to the house for wire cutters, but by the time he got back we had managed to turn the fawn so his leg came loose.

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Simon’s Cat in ‘Catnap’

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