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(Livescience.com) Dolphins “talk” to each other, using the same process to make their high-pitched sounds as humans, according to a new analysis of results from a 1970s experiment.
The findings mean dolphins don’t actually whistle as has been long thought, but instead rely on vibrations of tissues in their nasal cavities that are analogous to our vocal cords.

Scientists are only now figuring this out, “because it certainly sounds like a whistle,” said study researcher Peter Madsen of the Institute of Bioscience at Aarhus University in Denmark, adding that the term was coined in a paper published in 1949 in the journal Science. “And it has stuck since.”

The finding clears up a question that has long puzzled scientists: How can dolphins make their signature identifying whistles at the water’s surface and during deep dives where compression causes sound waves to travel faster and would thus change the frequency of those calls.

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A cat has recovered from a 120-foot drop from the 12th floor of a building.

The feline was allegedly thrown off a block of flats in the West Midlands, England and found at the bottom by people on the third floor who heard something hit a window, the Daily Mail reports.

The 7-month-old tabby cat was motionless in a state of shock and taken to the Birmingham Animal Hospital, but only suffered a broken tooth and a slight injury to her hip.

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By: Eric Ristow, newsnet5.com
PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – It was an unusual rescue in Florida when a blind horse was in a yard grazing when it accidentally walked into a pool.

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