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Cane Corso: interesting dog breed!

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If you’re lucky enough to be in Derby and feel that your horse is in need of a bit of relaxation, then Derby College could have the answer for you – horse Pilates.

On Saturday 17th September, Derby College’s Equine Centre at Broomfield Hall played host to a special Pilates workshop for riders and horse owners looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their animals.

The Pilates sessions was the latest in a series of short and part-time courses at the Equine Centre, aimed at supporting local equestrian enthusiasts with a wide range of skills including riding and grooming techniques.

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Emma Watson Enchanted by Puppy

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It looks like Emma Watson has fallen in love!

The actress held tight to a fair-haired puppy while walking through London with a friend on Monday. Watson carried the pooch inside her cardigan, frequently gazing down at her furry companion

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Baby sloth

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Swede cuts drunken moose loose

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By The Associated Press

Per Johansson found moose entangled in neighbour’s apple tree, apparently intoxicated with fermented fruit

A stunned Swede discovered a seemingly intoxicated moose entangled in an apple tree.

Per Johansson, 45, who lives in south-western Sweden, says he heard a roar from the garden of his neighbour, who was on holiday, late on Tuesday and went to have a look. There he found a female moose kicking about in the tree. The animal was likely to have been drunk from eating fermented apples.

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by Patti Lawson

Hurricane season is upon us once again, and all dog owners should have a disaster plan in place for their pets. I’ve never been through a hurricane with my dog, but I did experience a house fire with her, and it was horrific. I’d never even considered having a plan in place in case of a fire, let alone a hurricane or other natural disaster, but that night I vowed to never be without one again. If you are the victim of a natural disaster or a house fire and don’t have a plan, you may not have a chance to escape without some tragedy.

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