Visitors to the Taiwan Zoo can hold baby crocodiles while the keepers themselves are brave enough to clean their teeth.

Expert and park owner Chui-Hsi-He often performs for onlookers with the zoo’s main attraction, a 25-year-old salt water croc.

Over the years he claims to have built up a trust with this and other crocodiles.

According to Chiu-Hsi-He, the secret to keeping the crocs tame is down to the Buddhist prayers played to the reptiles every day, coupled with the fact they are never fed moving prey.

Due to the method, the predators not only turn peaceful but also allow to brush their teeth and ride their backs.

Successful experiments of the crocodile trainer have made the Taiwan Zoo popular among the tourists as well as local people.

‘The crocodiles keep quite due to the benevolent aura. We daily invite Buddhist monks to pray in our zoo,’ he says.