In the Venkatapuram vIllage in Andhra Pradesh (in India), a monkey is performing unique duties. He is being treated as a trusted member of the family of a shepherd and is taking care of the goats.

The monkey named Anji not only leads the goats but also brings them back. The goats have become the monkey’s friends. He plays with them all day and even looks after them when the shepherd and other family members are not around. In fact he has become not only the boss of the goats but also that of the shepherd.

The owner Yesanna, who is in his 40s stated that once Anji had come to his house following which he offered him some food. Since then it became faithful to the family.

It is Anji’s responsibility to count the number of goats when they go for grazing and while bringing them back it is his duty to count them again and so far the number has been the same. He is able to manage controlling the goats.