An adventurous baboon who left his troop in Tokai to trek across the Cape Flats, caused much consternation before he was darted on Wednesday.

Jenni Trethowan who is with the baboon monitoring group Baboon Matters said it was likely the young male, called David, was searching for a new troop to join.

But David encountered many obstacles, including a very busy main road.

On Wednesday, he caused drama in Claremont’s Main Road.

David’s adventures brought him a gash on his leg, which Trethowan said could be from another baboon or a dog-bite.

With the help of the SPCA, David was darted on Wednesday afternoon and taken to a vet in Sun Valley for treatment.

Trethowan said it was a reasonably deep flesh wound, right through his muscles.

He was scheduled to stay at the vet for the night, pending a decision to take him to a rehabilitation centre in Barrydale.

David was first spotted by Constantia residents on Tuesday and he made his way during the day to the roof of Claremont police station. He spent the night somewhere nearby before he apparently made for Wynberg on Wednesday.

While in Claremont, David was surrounded and tranquillised.