A man was convicted of stealing a rare monkey from a British zoo based on blood spilled during a unified attack by the animal’s fellow primates.

Marlon Brown was convicted Friday of stealing “SpongeBob” the monkey from the Chessington World of Adventures. Police linked his blood to that of the robber’s found at the scene of the crime, The Independent reported.

Others are thought to have also been involved in the theft.

While the 23-year-old offered several reasons for his blood being found at the zoo, a jury found him guilty of stealing the rare Bolivian squirrel monkey.

“SpongeBob” was found two days after being taken, playing in the public with children in London.

Zoo officials said they are happy to have their monkey back and that the guilty will be punished.

“The futile actions of Mr. Brown and his friends have had ongoing serious consequences not only for ‘SpongeBob’ but also for the rest of the group, and we are very happy that Mr. Brown has been found guilty for being so cruel and irresponsible,” a zoo spokeswoman told the newspaper.