A YEARLING New Forest pony was rescued when yesterday morning, the poor thing got entangled in a wire fence at the foot of a bank on Keyhaven Marshes.

Firefighters from Lymington and Eastleigh worked with their animal rescuer and expert, Jim Green, the RSPCA and also the veterinarian vet to save the pony which belong to a veteran Waterside commoner: Len Mansbridge.

The pony had become tangled up in stock fencing and barbed wire at Keyhaven and they think it has been there for some time before being spotted by a person walking dogs who rang the alarm at 6.47am.

Watch manager, Mr Green, said it was extremely important to let the pony go as quickly as possible.

“A fundamental control measure in these cases is chemical restraint in the form of sedation or sometimes full anesthesia,” he said.

Equine veterinarian, Peter Tunney, from the Seadown practice, was secured on a safety line and lowered down to the bank to sedate the horse, which finally was freed shortly after 9am.

“Once released from the fence and assessed by the vet, firefighters made the pony comfortable allowing it to come round from the sedative, said Mr Green.

The pony’s owner arrived and took his animal back to the comfort of the farm where the pony is expected to make a full recovery.”