If you have or have experienced arthritis pain, you probably feel it more when the temperature gets more cold…so what do you do to help the pain go away?

Raymond Petterson is dressing his mare with a little more than the usual horse shoes: he’s banking on a brand new business he says will keep horses happy and healthy.

Now that cooler temperatures are reaching pastures across the state, Petterson’s Sox for Horses business, the “Whinny Warmers”, is picking up stride.
“Basically, they’re leg warmers for horses,” said Petterson.
He came up with this brilliant idea not long after adopting an arthritic mare named “Eve.”
“It was a rescue, and we got her and she was bad over the knees, she was arthritic, she could hardly move,” said Petterson.

So, he created, designed the Whinny Warmers for the horse about a year ago. Since that time, he’s sold hundreds of these leg warmers for horses, or Whinny Warmers, across the US, UK and Canada. Too, the product is 100% American-made and he gives a portion of each sale to animal rescue.
Petterson demonstrated to us how easily the socks slip over the horse shoes.
He said they’re the ideal thing for keeping those precious horse legs warm in winter, cool in summer, and keeping the bugs from biting at them!

“This is what I call truly a labor of love,” said Petterson.
Although his inspiration for Whinny Warmers–Eve–has since moved to greener pastures, he hopes these horse leg warmers will help many other horses in any weather of any type . Not to mention, horses everywhere are sporting the new chic fashion statement in the equine arena. Oui,ma chère!