A pony that fell into an abandoned well this morning was rescued unharmed after crews used a tow truck from a local auto repair shop to lift it to safety.

The pint-sized equine was reported trapped in the well on Parker Hill Road just before 11 a.m. The well was located just outside the fenced-in property of the pony’s owner, Madeline Howenstein.

State police and Killingworth Fire Department were first on the scene and were able to secure the animal until veterinarian Dr. Jonathan Jeffery arrived and sedated it. Rescuers then rigged the 7-year-old brown and white pony to a wrecker provided by New Image Automotive of Killingworth.

“We gave her a little bit of sedation just so she wouldn’t be anxious when she was lifted out of the well,” Jeffery said.

The pony was not injured and the town road crew filled in the well opening. Fire officials speculate the cover to the old well caved in under the pony’s weight.