A horse had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming stuck in a farm gate for more than two hours.

The New Forest gelding had tried to jump a galvanised farm gate in the West End area and its hind rear leg caught in the top rail.

The horse was given a sedative by a vet and a crane was used to support it as firefighters cut it free.

The horse was then released by a specialist animal rescue adviser employed by the rescue services.

Anton Philips, the fire service’s watch manager, said: “With the nice weather we are getting called to more and more incidents where animals have become trapped in some way.

“Now that Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has a team of animal rescue advisors we are able to immediately respond.

“It’s really important that owners alert us as soon as possible and are also on hand to keep their pet or animal calm.

“The owner did a good job in working with us to keep horse calm and to feed it lots of hay, which is a natural sedative.”