By Abigail Sniegocki

Georgetown —
Truly amazing things can happen beneath the roof of a barn. This was proved on Aug. 27 when The Essex County Sea Horses, a horse 4-H club based out of Topsfield, volunteered a day to help out with New England Equine Rescues.

The Sea Horses has about 18 members ranging in age from five to 19 who live all over the North Shore, including Georgetown, Topsfield, Newbury, Ipswich.

NEER is an organization that strives to offer horses, donkeys, goats and other farm animals a second chance at life. Some of NEER’s outstanding work includes helping horse owners to properly care for their animals in this challenging economy and taking horses from slaughterhouse to show ring.

One of the particularly refreshing things about NEER is their ability to realize the goodness in horses and humans alike. Because of this, time spent at the farm is as much therapy for people as it for equines. The farm really is a truly therapeutic place to be. With beautiful green pastures and happy animals grazing, the place screams tranquility.

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