Imagine being 3 feet tall and being able to come face to face with a horse as small as you are.

Toddlers in Claudia Campbell’s Little Pony Mommy and Me class get to do just that.

The class is the latest addition to Campbell’s packed schedule. The busy mom of 1-year-old Sasha and 3-year-old Arabella has been riding since she was 6, and taking and giving lessons all of her adult life.

She moved to Loxahatchee 10 years ago with her husband Scott. She teaches English riding and hunt seat equitation. She taught at Wellington Show Stables for years before she started giving her own lessons.

The Campbells’ home is named Delmar Farm after Campbell’s 17-year-old horse Delgamo, the only horse she brought with her from New York. The farm has 13 horses, four dogs, four cats and two bunnies. Campbell got the idea for the Little Pony Mommy and Me class while taking Arabella to gymnastics class. Campbell noticed that the parents just stood around while their children were having their lessons.

“I noticed that the moms had nothing to do,” she said.

Campbell thought that a Mommy and Me class that involved her miniature horses would be a great way for the kids and their parents to interact and for the toddlers to mimic what they saw adults doing.

“I got the idea from my 3-year-old,” Campbell said. “She’s been grooming and brushing since she was old enough to walk. She’s always been obsessed with doing everything that I do and everything the kids are doing.”

The class is in its infancy, but is already showing promise.

“I have a Monday and Tuesday class, and I might have to start a third,” Campbell said.

Campbell has a handful of high school students who help her in exchange for lessons. She needs all the help she can get during the summer when she has camps, lessons and classes going on simultaneously.

“It’s a lot of hard work, don’t get me wrong! It’s hot, you have a lot of responsibility, but I have the best counselors,” she said.

The toddler class is held in the afternoons once the high school students get out of school.

When the kids and their parents arrive at Campbell’s farm in the Deer Run neighborhood, the horses are ready to go.

“When the kids get here, I have two ponies tacked up with girls leading them and two miniatures here in the barn on cross ties,” she said. “I have a bucket of brushes. They come right in and start grooming the minis. They brush them. They each go out two at a time and do pony rides. The moms walk alongside them. When they are all done, everyone gets a bucketful of hay and they all get to feed the ponies and the minis.”

The toddler class is an introduction to horses for many of the kids. Campbell hopes the kids will continue to take lessons once they’ve outgrown the minis. She hopes people will see the Little Pony Mommy and Me Class as an alternative to traditional toddler activities.

“I think it teaches them to work with animals,” she said. “If they want to ride, it’s an introduction. It’s good for their motor skills because they’re working with brushes. They’re working with animals, so they need to be aware. They can’t just run around; they have to learn some rules because it is more dangerous than being in a dance class. They have to be more aware with animals.”