by Louise Clarke

THE LATEST horse to arrive at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (EHCRC) in Rojales, has injuries so shocking that the vet called to treat her said she doubts that any other vet has ever seen such a sight. A horrific injury to the little pony’s leg has left a gaping wound, and her shin bone, foot joint, tendons and ligaments are clearly visible.

Sue Weeding from the centre told RTN: “It really is a sickening sight. You simply don’t expect to see exposed bone on a live animal. The poor thing must have been in agony. The vet estimates that she would have been dead within two days had she not been rescued and treatment started.”

The pony, named Faith by EHCRC, had been dangerously tethered with a rope around her neck and when she became entangled the rope made deep cuts into her legs. The owner did not call a vet or even remove the rope and by the time the she was discovered, the circulation to her lower front right leg had been cut off, leaving her with dying flesh. As the dead flesh fell away, bone, tendons and ligaments were left exposed.

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