A RESTORED horse-drawn grocery van fondly remembered by Fleckney residents has made its first appearance since the 1950s.
The refurbished Co-op van was back in the public eye at the recent St George’s Day event in the village.

It was its first public appearance since a restoration project was finished at the end of last year.

The van spent decades in retirement, lying in a village garden as a pigeon coop until it was bought and restored by Fleckney History Group.

Secretary Betty Morley said: “There was a lot of positive response to it. There was a shire horse there and people were shown how they are harnessed up.

“There was even a chap there who worked on it and other people in the village who remembered it.”

The van is kept by one of the restorers, Gary Ward, of Lubenham, on condition that he brings it to the village when requested.