The Senate on Tuesday approved a bill intended to help finance a 7,000-seat equestrian center in Lewis County.

A change adopted by the lawmakers would also allow Federal Way to raise money for a performing arts center, however, sending the bill back to the House for a second approval.

The proposed facility in Lewis County, called the Regional Equestrian Center, has been promoted as one way to help the area recover from the recent closure of the nearby coal mine. Backers have predicted it would create 50 full-time jobs and several times that number in part-ime positions by hosting events like rodeos and possibly monster truck rallies.

The bill, HB 2388, would allow an additional sales and use tax within special districts to finance facilities.

It has now been approved — at least in some version — by both the House and Senate, a better record than other requests for public financing for a stock car racing track or a new Seattle basketball arena.