The world’s oldest horse breed, the Arabian epitomizes equine versatility, participating in all disciplines of English, Western, dressage, driving, and in-hand horse show classes. Flight Without Wings: The Arabian and the Show World chronicles the essential qualities and capabilities needed for success in every Arabian show division. It shares sound advice from top trainers and exhibitors to prepare for and compete in these competitions. It outlines the who, what, where, when and how of the Arabian show circuit.

Further, this book also details the legends, lore and history of this breed described in this excerpt from the book:

“The Arabian horse is within himself a mesh of contrasting characteristics that by their combination make an ideal show horse. He is at once a lively, fiery spirit, proud and regal in his carriage, his presence and charisma, and yet also a gentle, docile soul. His intelligence, willingness to please, and comfort with the human species allows him to on command exude tremendous vitality, and yet at another moment to welcome a child to safely lead him and ride him. A fairy tale horse, he is bred for his exquisite beauty, quality and refinement, and yet his genes are coveted for their link to soundness, stamina and endurance. He is rock hard tough in spirit, flesh, bone and ligament.”

Author Patti Schofler is an active show exhibitor and manager who lives in Petaluma, California. Schofler has written as a newspaper reporter, publicist, magazine writer and nonprofit development professional.