A HORSE was saved from a distressing death by good Samaritans and firefighters in Lydiard Millicent.

About 20 people came to the aid of Paul Garside, who found his horse stuck in a bog between huge straw bales and a fence.

The 32-year-old stallion, called Bikon, was lying in an awkward position on his side, worn out from trying to escape.

Owner Paul, pictured, who has four other horses, said: “In all the 20 years we’ve had horses, we’ve never seen one trapped like this. I have no idea how he did it.

“He was absolutely exhausted when we got to him.”

The farmer called Westlea Fire Station, and officers arrived within minutes.

Passers-by also joined the rescue, which took about three hours.

Ground workers who were driving past with a mini-crane stopped to offer a hand.

They were able to move the bales to give rescuers more space to free Bikon.

Dave Adamson, the acting watch manager at Westlea Fire Station, said they tried to get the horse on its feet using lines and airbags.

“Every time we tried to lift him up, he kept sliding back into the mud,” he said.

“The horse was exhausted as it was probably up all night.”

The vet considered putting the stallion down but instead gave him a shot of glucose which give him the energy to stand up.

Mr Garside was overwhelmed with the help he received.

“I want to say thanks to all involved. It was incredible,” he said.

“The horse would not be alive today if they hadn’t helped. I didn’t even get some of their names.”

Mr Garside is not sure why the horse wandered into the mud between the bales and fence.

“I don’t think he was trying to get to the hay as we leave plenty bales for them in the middle of the field,” he said.

“He was probably trying to talk to the mares next door in the other field.”

Mr Garside said that the animal is lucky to be alive.

“I’m still amazed that he is alive. He kept trying to get up and could have died from exhaustion,” he said.

“He’s not looking that good and is still limping a bit.”