A DAD had to buy his daughter riding lessons after she heard him call £25 “a pony” – and thought she was getting one for her seventh birthday.

Ellie Pearson was in tears when told that his phone chat about “sorting out that pony” was just Cockney slang for cash.

Mum Sandra, 38, said: “When the sobs ended she told us what she’d heard.

“We laughed as it was cute. But we felt guilty, and just so Ellie would talk to her dad, we promised her lessons.”

London-born dad Nigel, 36, said: “She’s asked for a pony since she could talk but I’ve never been able to afford one.”

Ellie, who lives with her parents near York, has so far had two £25 rides.

But she still dreams of having her own pony and said: “I’d call her Poppy and keep her in a field near our house.”