KOLKATA: After going through excruciating in pain for hours, a horse which had been most probably injured after being hit by a vehicle, was rescued and is now being treated at the ASHARI: Animal Shelter-cum-Hospital and Research Institute.

Some people passing by, who noticed the injured horse in the Maidan area, tried to help it as much as they could. But when the horse refused to get up, they informed the police. The Kolkata Police control room sent an SOS to Compassionate Crusaders Trust (CCT) soon that morning, around 9.30 am. But as CCT do not have an ambulance for carrying big animals, they sought the help of People For Animals (PFA). But PFA refused to respond to them, alleged CCT.

“PFA has a mobile cattle care unit. But when they did not respond, we had to hire a private vehicle for the horse. We were able to rescue the animal finally around 12.30 pm,” said CCT founder Debasis Chakrabarti.

As you see, we need more help to do more good and it begins with people like you and me who take the time to stop and help.
It shows people care. And if people care then they want to do something about that issue. And this is why all these organizations
and other similar group helping animals all over the world are so important and need our support!