A three-year-old disabled boy can keep his beloved pony despite a neighbor complaints.

The Committee members of the town said the Spiteri family, owner of the miniature pony, can keep the it despite zoning rules prohibiting it, so long as they keep the pen clean.

The little boy,Sam Spiteri, has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and uses his pony, Emily, as part of his therapy regime.

The dispute ended up before the committee after a neighbor complained about the odors coming from the family’s property, which also borders a cattle farm.

At the end of July, the town told the family they would have remove the pony from their one-acre property because it is zoned as rural residential land and isn’t meant to house livestock. Ms. Spiteri asked the council for an exception to let Sam keep his pony as a pet without rezoning their property.

Since the National Post and other media reported on the fight to keep Sam’s pony, Ms. Spiteri has received tremendous support from around the globe with some people even offering to help financially.

Caledon councillor Annette Groves told the Post that the young boy should be allowed to keep the therapy pony.

She said: “While you have to enforce the rules, there are times when you have to use discretion and have to remember that you’re a human being and have to have some compassion,.”
“That would be the case in the case.”