Tina and Studla will be given some time to bond with their newborn – a 247-pound female African elephant – before visitors to the Montgomery Zoo view them outdoors.

The newborn arrived Friday and has not yet been given a name, zoo spokeswoman Sarah McKemey said Sunday. She said the community will be involved in naming her.

She said Tina has been living at the 40-acre zoo for two years and Studla – an African name for stout – is on loan from Lowry Park in Tampa, Fla.

McKemey said Tina had a natural delivery without complications.

“Mom and baby seem to be doing wonderful,” she said. “This is our first elephant birth.”

A veterinarian is close if case a problem occurs, she said.

McKemey said visitors to the zoo can view the newborn through window glass.

“But they’re going to wait until mom and baby bond, then introduce her to other elephants, before going outside,” she said.

The zoo has three female elephants including Tina, who is 23 years old.

The zoo’s elephant facility opened on Nov. 11, 2005 with the goal of becoming a breeding center.

Deputy zoo director Marsha Woodard said the newborn was only the third African elephant born in the United States this year. It will start a new bloodline of African elephants in the U.S., Woodard said, because his father, Studla, came directly from Africa.