San Diego’s Wild Animal Park has a new elephant in its herd. A 17-year-old African elephant gave birth to a male calf Sunday.

Images taken by park staff Monday morning show the calf is healthy, but not too steady on his feet yet.

That’s a normal development according to park staff. The calf’s muscles are still developing. It won’t be too long before the baby is trotting around the enclosure.

The mother, Litsemba, gave birth at 9:14 p.m.

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Keepers are watching mother and baby around the clock to make sure the first-time mother takes care of her newborn.

The calf doesn’t have a name yet and tests indicate he won’t be the only baby elephant to arrive this year.

Progesterone tests indicate two more elephants, Umoya and Lungile, are also expecting and should deliver later this year.

Elephant females give birth every four to six years. The average gestation period is 649 days or about 21 months.

A newborn calf is about 3 feet tall and averages between 250 to 300 pounds.