How do you give an elephant a pedicure? The answer is very carefully.

Anna is getting ready for her pedicure. She and Dolly have one foot done each week. It’s a breeze for these 8,000 pound zoo favorites.

“Everything we do with the elephants is preventative maintenance. We want to make sure they stay healthy. We don’t really have a lot of foot problems. We’ve been very fortunate,” said Mike McClure, elephant collections manager at the Maryland Zoo.

The elephants dine while it’s being done.

Elephant keeper Marsha Zabarkes enjoys the hands-on experience.

“It’s a great experience to train them to accept the foot care. It’s our basic handling routine that we all learn how to do to take care of them better,” said Zabarkes.

Anna is 31 and Dolly is 30. That’s middle-aged for elephants and both are in good health.