The Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary in Orissa is eagerly awaiting the reunion of an elephant calf with its mother, week after its separation from the group.

The seven-month-old calf was reportedly abandoned by its mother at a duck breeding centre near Ghatikia on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar.

As a herd of elephants sneaked into an agricultural university compound, the calf fell into a shallow well and injured itself. Forest rangers rescued the isolated elephant calf.

These elephants herd had reportedly come from the sanctuary.

According to wildlife experts, the calf was either abandoned by the herd or ignored by its mother during the retreat.

Forest officials are undertaking all possible attempts to reunite the two.

“Yesterday, we rescued the baby and released it in the natural habitat…after making two kilometers free we thought the herd would return. But they went in the other direction and the baby was abandoned. So, we thought that we would take it back to jungle,” said Akshya Patnaik, the Divisional Forest Officer with the Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary in Bhubaneswar.

On Sunday, forest officials took the calf to Godibari, the entry point of the elephant sanctuary, and the spot close to the place where the herd is located.

It is hoped that the herd will sense the missing member and accept it back into their fold.