The Thai National Elephant Institute (TNEI) plans to offer the country’s elephant born as a result of artificial insemination to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej as a gift on his 80th birthday on December 5 this year.

The male baby elephant – which is going to celebrate her one-month birthday this Saturday – is now being cared for by Thai Elephant Conservation Centre (TEC) officials in northern Lampang province. The centre is under the patronage of the institute.

Just three days after her birth, the little pachyderm was separated from her mother, because the mother showed some hostile signs against her first baby.

The baby jumbo – which has yet to be named – has been placed in foster care with another female adult who has experience of taking care of a baby elephant of her own.

Veterinarians said that the baby elephant would have to live with her “adoptive mother” for three years.

Her health indications are good, accordinbg to veterinary staff. Both her height and weight are in line with the average standard for her age.