TWO former residents from Newborough are on a quest to save a three year-old elephant from a lifetime of hardship.

The elephant, `Chhouk’ ,got his foot caught in a trap in Cambodia. The mother had already been killed by the poachers.

The baby was left to die but was saved by Wildlife Alliance, which had to amputate the foot, unfortunately.

Chhouk now needs a prosthetic leg: if he doesn’t have this, he will develop serious bone deformities, particularly to his spine.

Enormous strain will be put on one side of the elephant’s body as he grows up.

Fortunately Chhouk is young enough to learn how to use a prosthetic leg but the task won’t be easy, said the officials at the zoo.

Good Samaritans raised money to build a special pool for Chhouk as swimming is a very important part of a young elephant’s development.

Now they are appealing for people back home in the Valley to help them raise money for the prosthesis.

The other elephant at Phnom Tamao, Lucky, had `painted’ pictures that were sold for Chhouk’s pool.

A hospital in Cambodia has agreed to make the prosthetic although the final cost is yet to be determined.

Money can be donated directly to Chhouk and other elephants at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre.