Lance Corporal Nick Sciorrotta is a US Marine serving in Iraq stop

One day when he was out on a routine patrol noticed a group of children picking something up in the air.

Turned out that they were kicking a puppy back and forth like a football. Nick reacted immediately ran towards the kitchen yelled at them.

They ran away, quickly throwing the puppy and all in trying to bury in the life.

Nick rescued puppy. It was of course badly injured at that point but still a life. Throughout the remainder of his patrol he carried the dog inside his jacket.

Breaking Marine Corps rules Nick brought the puppy back to his base.

Although he almost got into trouble because of it he was allowed to keep the puppy there.

His grandfather wanted Nick to send the puppy back to the USA. But Trigger, as the puppy has been named, found his own place as the look out for the Marines on the base.