Drivers in Tupelo Mississippi were used to seeing Gypsey the mutt greet them.

Living in the nearby woods she was uncatchable, even though several attempts were made. She wasn’t shy though and often accepted the food we humans left her.

One thing she did love, LOVE, to do was chase cars.

This Monday she was struck by a car that went just a tad too fast for her to outrun.

One of the first on the scene, Jon Powell, officer manager at Tupelo Veterinary Hospital, helped transport her for immediate care. Everybody dropped what they were doing to provide assistance but to no avail.

The staff of the hospital buried her at her favorite intersection and put up a wreath. They included a note to let people know what had happened to their common friend.

Some of people’s reactions:

“We saw him every day, and we got worried because we hadn’t seen him for a while.”

“He was part of the community.”

“It was such a cool dog.”

“Everyone loved that dog.”

“We all knew her. She greeted everybody … she would stand there and smile. She was the pranciest little thing. She just touched so many people.”

Go in peace, little friend; you did a great job.