Used to be you went out, closed and locked the door and that was that. Let the dog alone until late at night. If he’s destructive, in the bathroom he goes.

But as time and manner have have progressed, so does the way we see and treat the pets we invited to live with us. Hence, dog daycare.

A good example of a dog daycare camp is Happy Tails.

“We’ve been telling owners since day one ‘You will notice barking from blocks and blocks away,’” says Steele, describing the excitement of her four-footed clients as they near the facility. […]

Each dog has his own “cabin,” complete with a raised bunk for a fleece blanket or cushion. Dogs are never fed together and all special instructions are written on the ID boards for each “cabin.”

[…] the pride of the staff is their expertise.

All staff members are certified in CPR annually and the biz pays for continuing education for its staff.

If dogs are respectfully declined, Happy Tails has a list of dog walkers/sitters to refer owners to.

When selecting a dog daycare or petsitting service always ensure they ask for heath papers: you don’t want them to accept your pet out of the blue. Make sure they work on the basis of a contract, one which makes clear who is responsible for what in which situations.

A common price is $25/day for a regular size dog.