Police officer Rebecca Rosenblatt has a new partner. His name is Reese, and he cost $9,500.

He came to the police department courtesy of the Millbrae Community Foundation.

Reese is a 17-month-old German shepherd who is trained to track, search and protect, said Millbrae Police Cmdr. Marc Farber.

Reese and Rosenblatt are now on the beat after spending four weeks training at Tyson Kennels in Newark.

“He’s as good (or better than) a human partner,” said Rosenblatt, a

25-year-old Millbrae resident. “But the benefit of having a dog is, you don’t have to worry if he is in a bad mood, or don’t have to worry about him being mad at you.”

The Police Department hasn’t had a K-9 unit in five years, said Farber, who was once a canine handler.

Farber worked with and took care of K-9 Tino for years. Tino, a 13-year-old, has since retired and still lives with Farber. The other police dog — Rex — took ill and was put to sleep.

For the department to buy Reese — who originally came from Czechoslovakia — the foundation received the money from a donor who wanted to remain anonymous, said Catherine Quigg, the nonprofit’s president.

Rosenblatt said that when Reese turns 2 years old, he will need a bulletproof vest, should anyone want to donate money. The vest runs about $1,000, she added. Farber said the community foundation is still fund-raising for the department to get another police dog next summer.

Rosenblatt was one of three officerswho applied to be canine handlers. She was chosen because she went to canine training on her own time, Farber said.

She choose Reese because he is friendly. But like her, during work, it’s strictly business.

Next year, the duo will be trained in narcotics detection.

Rosenblatt said she’s happy because she knows Reese has her back.

“You get what you put in (from training),” she said. “He’s a really good partner.”