A dog and his owner have been reunited after last Friday’s horrific tanker crash along Interstate 95 in Waterford.

The pit bull in a tractor-trailer struck by a tanker truck on the highway was reunited with his owner over the weekend.

As chaos broke out on I-95, a heroic pit bull remained calm, sitting in the front seat of a tractor-trailer hit by a tanker truck. As the truck crumbled, the dog stood tall, staying beside his owner until help arrived.

“I was calling to him, but he was just standing there and just guarding his person,” said Phyllis Martino, a witness at the scene.

That’s when another hero was standing by to step in. Vincent Gagliardi said the pit bull was frantic as his owner was carried away. So, Gagliardi took off his belt, ran to the dog, fashioned a leash and got the dog out of there.

“This guy was still sitting in the passenger seat, and there was diesel fuel all around, so I took him out of there,” Gagliardi said.