You’ve heard of dogs being used to sniff out bombs, drugs, even track people when their trails go cold.

But how about dogs that can sniff out potentially dangerous mold in people’s homes?

One company says it’s true. They say their 3-year-old Giant Schnauzer is a four-legged mold inspector.

These days Ebony is making the rounds- especially in homes like this where sales are pending.

Families know the dangers of mold so they contact Top Dog Inspection Services.

“Absolutely it could be a deal breaker. The home is the number one investment people make usually and so when they’re buying a home they don’t want any hidden surprises,” said owner Mike Lanius.

A preliminary walk-through revealed an area possibly affected by mold. Then enters Ebony.

“Her nose is like an x-ray. She can see behind the walls, what’s going on behind walls,” Lanius said.

Ebony sniffs her way around until she finds a trace. She helps the human inspectors find mold that they can’t always see or smell.

Her owners say she’s not only a family pet, but a colleague.

“She enjoys being with the family but honestly she really enjoys working and she’s a much better pet now that she has a job to do,” said Melenda Lanius.

And Ebony has attracted a segment of dog-loving clientele.

“There’s a lot of people that love animals and love pets and it’s a great way to relate to your customers,” Melenda said.

“Every morning I’ll ask her if she’s ready to go to work and she beats me to the door every day,” Mike Lanius said.

Top Dog inspectors still take air samples or swab mold for further testing.