A border collie in England may redefine “dog tired” after surviving nine days in a car trunk by going into a type of hibernation.

Tamer Jones, who owned Gale, all but gave up hope of finding the dog after it disappeared from her farm in Fylingthorpe, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

It turns out Gale was well hidden in the trunk of a neighbor who does odd jobs around her place, Jones said. The dog, afraid of loud noises, jumped into the trunk when startled by a low-flying airplane.

The dog survived for nine days while the man left for a vacation in London. The man found Gale when he cleaned the trunk and contacted Jones.

Gale wasn’t in good shape, she said.

“I took her straight to the vet’s and he was amazed when I told him where she had been,” she said. “The vet said that dogs can go into a hibernation period if they need to do and that’s what Gale must have done.”