Hooch Chapman, the 98-pound dog struck by a train Wednesday near Verdi, is living another day.

The 7-year-old Labrador retriever mix underwent surgery Thursday at Community Animal Hospital in northwest Reno, where he is recovering from massive injuries.

“I think it’s going to be pretty good,” Dr. John Koehm said of Hooch’s prognosis.

Jay Chapman, his wife, Chrissy, and a friend were walking their three dogs Wednesday afternoon, heading across the train trestle at Verdi to a spot along the Truckee River. A Union Pacific freight train approached, grazed Jay Chapman and killed two of the dogs.

Jay Chapman, 36, said he was treated at a local hospital for bumps, bruises and minor lacerations.

Chapman said he didn’t hear the train but could feel it along the 100-foot trestle that has two tracks.

He said 9-year-old Bodie and 7-year-old Sierra, also Lab mixes, were killed.

Bodie was the father of Sierra and Hooch, dogs from the same litter, Chapman said.

Nevada Humane Society representatives took Hooch to the animal hospital, where he was operated on by a team led by Dr. Alyssa Watson.

Hooch suffered a thigh laceration, mouth, jaw and hip injuries and multiple injuries to his left rear foot that might require surgery or amputation.

On Thursday, Koehm worked on Hooch’s mouth.

“He should have a happy, normal life,” Koehm said. “He’s 7 years old and has quite a bit of mileage ahead of him.”

Hooch was having trouble breathing when he arrived Wednesday, but by Thursday, he was sitting up.

“He really improved significantly,” Koehm said.

Jay Chapman said they cross that area to reach the river often.

“Please stay away from the tracks,” Chapman said. “I learned the hard way. I don’t want anyone to have to go through this.”

It was the same trestle where horses were hit by a train this summer, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office said.

Two Union Pacific freights were stopped for about 50 minutes after the incident. The railroad’s investigation continues.