Taipei – A 16-year-old dog has become the talk of the town in Taipei after it travelled 50 kilometres to find its way home, only to be abandoned again by its new owner, Taiwanese media and a dog rescue agency said Thursday.

The dog, a local mix named Hsiao Huang (Little Yellow), was left to the care of the son of its former owners, a couple who died of old age and illness earlier this year, the Taipei-based China Times reported.

Its new owner, identified as Mr Ho, was busy with his work and had to send it to the care of his friend in Pingling in a suburb of Taipei in early October. But the dog missed home and ran off to find its way back five days later, travelling 50 kilometres, the paper said.

Mr Ho, however, did not want to keep it, letting it stray in the neighbourhood and resulting in its being caught and sent to a stray animal centre on October 15, waiting to be destroyed, the daily said.

The Animal Rescue Team Taiwan learned of the destruction plan and sought help from the public to adopt the 16-years-old dog, the paper said.

The dog-rescue agency said it posted an urgent notice on its website on October 17, calling for a concerted effort to save the dog.

‘Two hours after we posted the notice, we got a message from a Taiwanese resident in the US, who wanted to adopt it,’ a volunteer worker of the agency said by phone. He said the resident, identified as Jenny, told the agency she was willing to provide a plane ticket and other necessary expenses to have the dog sent to her.

Asked how the agency knew about the dog’s long distance travels, he said they tracked it down through the computer chip it wears.

The worker said if everything goes smoothly, including quarantine and health checks, Hsiao Huang will be sent to its new home in the United States at the end of this month.