On Tuesday our family dog Roxy, was attacked by a swarm of hornets. She was tied up outside our house and got tangled around a vine and stepped on the nest. Roxy was stung hundreds of times.

The police were called and rescued the dog from the bees and brought her to the Byram Animal Hospital where she was treated. The officer that responded to the 911 call was Officer Dellicker. Officer Dellicker should be considered a hero for his actions on that day.

Despite being allergic to bees, Officer Dellicker picked Roxy up and put her in his squad car even though she was covered with bees. Roxy our beloved dog was considered one of the family and a child of mine. P

et owners will tell you their pets are their families and indeed are their children.

Officer Dellicker we will never forget what you did for Roxy and will remember you forever for your heroic actions. Just because Roxy was a dog does not make her life any less important. We are so proud to be part of a community where our Police Officers know so many of their citizens by site and name and make every effort to ensure all of our safety.

Roxy was treated at the Byram Animal Hospital and was then taken home, by the time I came home from work that evening Roxy’s condition worsened and was rushed to an animal emergency room in Fairfield. Roxy was admitted there on Tuesday night but due to the severity of her condition Roxy died early Thursday morning.

Our Family will never forget Hero Dellicker.

Thank you,

The Erlemann Family