Words can barely explain the gratitude felt by a Calgary woman towards four firefighters who came to the rescue of her 15-year-old Chihuahua accidentally locked in the car.

This past summer, Charlotte Barber was popping up to drop something off in her southwest apartment when she realized she had locked her keys in her car along with her beloved Max.

As the mercury crept up to that day’s high of 27 C, Barber realized the urgency of the situation and feared for her dog’s life.

Her fingers went immediately to the phone pad where she began dialling the numbers of various locksmiths and roadside-assistance companies throughout the city, none of whom showed any compassion for her dire emergency. Finally, Barber dialled the three most important numbers in the phone directory, 911.

To the relief of Barber, members of the Calgary Fire Department pulled up in front of the building mere minutes later. Lacking the necessary tools, it took the men nearly 45 minutes to unlock the door using a coat hanger.

Scooping the dog into her arms and planting a huge kiss on him, Barber was overwhelmed with gratitude for the firefighters who saved her most trusted companion.

For their efforts and empathy, Barber wished to send her sincerest appreciation to the Calgary Fire Department.