The fire began Early Saturday morning in the 2800 block of Homewood Drive.

Elizabeth Wilhelm was awakened by the barking of “Puppy no Name”. It’s the name she gave the dog after it showed up on her doorstep last February.

“The dog was up on my front porch here. It was skin and bones and it was halfway frozen, she said.”

A child barrier kept the dog along with Wilhelm’s other pets enclosed in her room. But Puppy No Name apparently jumped the barrier and discovered the fire, then jumped back over to wake Wilhelm.

“She started in my face barking and barking and then I turned over on my back. She even clawed my stomach. I don’t know if the dog did it to save me or it was just scared but it did save my life.”

Elizabeth Wilhelm made it out safely along with one of her dogs. Three other pets, including the stray, died in the fire. Another cat is missing.

Wilhelm’s son Michael says the dog followed his mother everywhere and never jumped the barrier before.

“I think it was definitely a guardian angel and it served its time and it went back to heaven.”

Lorain fighters continue to investigate the cause but believe it may have started in a utility room.