Speedy Gonzales may be “the fastest mouse in all Mexico” but he’s got nothing on another tiny terror with roots south of the border – Maddy the Chihuahua from New York City.

The 2-year-old, 4-1/2-pound pup won the title of America’s Fastest Chihuahua yesterday, leaving 14 rivals in the dust as she covered a 35-foot track in just two seconds – faster than you can spell, well, Chihuahua.

Never mind that Maddy is half poodle. She’s tiny enough for proud owner Sue Yee to transport her in a carry-on and, besides, Petco says even half-Chihuahuas are welcome.

“We knew she was a strong contender. She is very fast and focused,” Yee said. “Last year she choked, but this year she came out on top.”

Maddy’s key to success was “lots of love and intense training, including sprinting, racing up stairs and swimming,” she said.

Yee said Maddy loves to walk the 36 blocks from their three-story walkup in SoHo to Yee’s job as a Web designer at Eighth Ave. and 36th St.

“She always leads when we walk,” Yee said. On rainy days Yee tucks the dog into her pocket and takes the subway.

As for swimming, that’s easy. Yee says Maddy is a regular at the doggie beach in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Adopted from a family in East New York, Brooklyn, Maddy is an aggressive eater, Yee said. Her pet started with real chicken before switching to Royal Canin dog food, which happens to be the brand of the year’s supply of dog food she won for her first-place finish.

The dog is also downright smart.

“She understands me in Mandarin, too,” Yee laughed.

Maddy won a regional race in New York. Then, between the first and second innings of the Dodgers-Padres game in San Diego’s Petco Park, Maddy beat the best of the breed, including national champions from the last two years.

In addition to the year’s supply of dog food, Maddy won a $300 gift certificate for Yee. Up next for Maddy: ocean training, just in case anyone wants to hold a doggie swimming contest.