Last week, Deputy Gil Flores of the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department discovered 150 marijuana plants after he investigated a suspicious circumstances call in Cedarpines Park. Kurt Norlander placed the call after his chocolate Labrador, Maple, had eaten a large quantity of marijuana.

“We had a new neighbor move in a couple of weeks ago,” explained Norlander. “He was unloading things at night and seemed kind of suspicious. Maple kind of befriended the guy and went over there sometimes.

“We believe the man fed him, and Maple grabbed some marijuana off a table and ran off with it,” Norlander continued. “He came home and was staggering and his eyes were dilated. We thought maybe he’d gotten into some poison or something, so we rushed him to the animal hospital. They gave him some charcoal to make him throw up and there was a lot of marijuana in his stomach.”

“Marijuana is not really dangerous for dogs,” said Lynnda Nafzgar of the Rim Forest Animal Hospital. “It kind of has the same effect on animals as it does on humans—it just makes them dazed and dumb looking. We gave Maple charcoal and he vomited. He’s fine now, but we kept him overnight to keep an eye on him.”

Once he discovered the marijuana in Maple’s stomach, Norlander reported the incident to the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, and Deputy Flores went out to investigate. “I attempted to contact the neighbor,” said Deputy Flores in a report on the incident. “While on the property, I observed small amounts of marijuana on the coffee table. I checked the perimeter of the residence and noticed an odor of marijuana. I could hear a humming sound from within the lower buildup of the residence. Upon further investigation, I saw discarded air ducts as well as empty lighting boxes. The windows on the lower level were completely blacked out. I also noticed the electrical meter was spinning very rapidly.”

Deputy Flores contacted the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Narcotics Division and secured the scene. Several members of the sheriff’s Marijuana Eradication Team arrived on scene and a search warrant was obtained. Approximately 150 live marijuana plants were confiscated from within the residence.

Also recovered were several plants, which were ready to be processed, hanging in a bedroom closet.