DIVINE INTERVENTION is the registered name of the white shepherd puppy delivered to Ashleigh Mill’s door yesterday.

Sydney dog breeder Angela Sneddon gave the $1000 nine-week-old puppy to Ashleigh, 15, of Boronia, after reading about her on the dog-lover website dogzonline.com.au.

A family friend, dog trainer Glenn Cooke, had posted a message on the website’s forum page telling of Ashleigh’s great wish for a puppy.

Ashleigh was born with the rare brittle bone condition, osteogenesis imperfecta, and has been confined to a wheelchair since she was two.

Ms Sneddon said the white shepherd puppy had the perfect temperament for Ashleigh.

“It will actually help her when they get it trained because he’ll be able to open doors, pick things up off the ground if she drops something, even turn off light switches,” she said.

“They just learn basic things around the house to make life easier for people that are disabled, and of course he’ll make a wonderful companion.” Ashleigh’s mother, Rose, said her daughter was excited about the puppy.

Mrs Mill said Ashleigh had such brittle bones that she could suffer a fracture just by sneezing but she was not worried about the puppy accidentally hurting her.

“I’ll be watching Ashleigh and the puppy together but I think we’ll be able to train the dog (not to be too rough).

“I think animals have a bit of a sense about that sort of thing.

“And as soon as he got here he went straight under her wheelchair and laid down and was just so chilled out and relaxed. It looked like there was this connection between them already. It was just unbelievable.”

Ashleigh said she loved her puppy. “It’s really cute and white and fluffy,” she said.