A woman hours away from death was saved by her pet dog when it woke her sleeping husband as she fell into a coma.

Nursery nurse Sandie Forbes, 53, owes her life to pet Molly after the early morning drama.

It was only the Jack Russell’s yapping which alerted Mrs Forbes’ husband that she was in danger – a yapping which saved her life.

Mrs Forbes, of Cypress Close, Shoreham, was out with her husband of 23 years, Michael, when she suddenly felt ill.

Little did she know she was suffering from a huge blood clot.

She said: “I was feeling very sick and had a bit of a headache. That’s all I know really because I can’t remember anything about it.

“I’ve been told a doctor was called and said I had gastroenteritis, gave me an injection and left. I must have been completely out of it by then.”

She was told to get some rest by the GP and that she would feel better in an hour.

Camera technician Mr Forbes, 59, said: “To give her peace and quiet I went into another bedroom and left her sleeping. At about 1.30am our 18-month-old dog Molly started barking.

“She woke me and I thought, ‘What now?’ “Then I could here Sandie breathing which was very shallow and crackling. Her eyes were open but she wasn’t responding so I dialled 999.”

Paramedics rushed to the scene and after being whisked to Worthing Hospital she was diagnosed with having a massive bleed to her brain and suffered two seizures.

It was there doctors said Mrs Forbes was unlikely to survive and she was then transferred to Hurstwood Neurological Centre in Haywards Heath for emergency surgery on her brain.

Mr Forbes said: “She received fantastic care. You can criticise the NHS as much as you like but when the wheel falls off they are brilliant.”

Three days later Mrs Forbes awoke with no recollection of what had happened in the April 26 drama and was greeted by a familiar face. Nurses asked her who was at the window, to which she mouthed: “Molly”.

She said: “After coming around I remember Mick waving through the window of the hospital with the dog.

“Molly definitely saved my life. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know what I would have done.

“She’s quite an intelligent dog, sits on my lap and always follows me around and she loves Mick because he takes her for long walks.”

Mrs Forbes was transferred back to Worthing Hospital and after making a speedy recovery was back home within three weeks.

Mr Forbes said:”Molly saved my wife’s life and now she is thoroughly spoilt living off chicken, ham and steak.

“Had it not been for our dog, then I am sure that my wife may never have recovered. Thank God for animal instincts.”