Bob the Dog has been found and is safe at the Woodbridge Animal Hospital where he waiting for his owner J.D. to come and get him.

A woman saw Bob wandering on Interstate 95 Sunday night, rescued him from the highway and took him to the animal hospital, said Tracy Cloninger who was on duty at when Bob arrived.

“She recognized the dog,” Cloninger said of the woman who brought Bob in.

The woman had seen Bob with his owner J.D., a homeless man who makes his camp in the area of the Target store on the Prince William Parkway.

“She was like, ‘Yeah isn’t that that homeless guy’s dog? I recognize him from somewhere.’” Cloninger said.

“We were like ‘Yeah, we think it’s Bob,’” Cloninger said. “So we looked up the file and were like ‘Yeah. That’s him.’”

Bob got loose when someone burned J.D.’s camp Sunday, said John Turnquist, the executive director of Action in the Community Through Service, a non-profit charitable organization that helps the area’s homeless.

J.D. could not be immediately found for comment.

Linda Quasebarth, the kennel manager at the animal hospital, said Bob needed food, but was otherwise in good shape.

“Bob’s a great dog. He’s been absolutely fine. We’re getting some meat on his bones. He was really skinny,” Quasebarth said. “He’s piggin’ out.”

The doctors at the Woodbridge Animal Hospital keep Bob’s shots up to date and are familiar with Bob and J.D.

They also give Bob a place to stay when J.D. can’t take care of him or when the weather turns bad.

J.D. has been hospitalized several times over the past three years and couldn’t care for Bob, Turnquist said.

“The folks at Woodbridge Animal Clinic are very, very good to J.D and Bob,”Turnquist said.“They don’t take in J.D., but they take in Bob.”
Turnquist will try to find J.D. today and get him reunited with Bob as soon as possible.

Quasebarth said the animal hospital will keep Bob until J.D. shows up.

“I made reservations for him to stay here until Friday, but if J.D. can’t get him before that we’ll still keep him up here,” Quasebarth said. “We always make room for him.”