A search for a missing toddler in North Carolina last week was successful thanks to the 23-month-old’s dog, whose barking led rescuers to the child.

The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer said Monday that while more than 300 people searched for Connor Cummings last week, it was the child’s dog that ultimately helped the toddler be found.

Steve Brewer, a friend of Cummings’ family, said rescuers had nearly given up hope last Saturday after a day of fruitless searches when he heard barking in the distance.

Brewer told the Observer he followed the sound until he found the toddler on a tree stump with his trusty golden retriever beside him.

“It’s just like one of those Lassie stories,” Brewer said, referring to the famed TV dog.

The Observer said the child was safely returned to his family, having suffered minor injuries since he wandered away from his family’s home Friday.