Alaskan author Pam Flowers made a two day-plus car trip to South Lyon for one reason — the kids.

“I really like to do this because afterward the kids send you letters, and a couple kids will say ‘You inspired me,'” Flowers said. “It makes me feel good to have that affect.”

Flowers will speak and present a slideshow at Sayre Elementary today and at Hardy and Dolsen Elementary Friday as a part of March is Reading Month. Last week, she spoke at Bartlett and Salem, where the students were fascinated from start to finish.

Flowers spoke about her trip across the Arctic Ocean with her eight sled dogs, and about one dog in particular, Anna. Her book, “Big Enough Anna: The Little Sled Dog Who Braved the Arctic,” was being read by students at Bartlett prior to her arrival.

They had not finished the book, and Flowers was sure to provide the dramatic and heroic ending. The title character in the book, Anna, was a small dog who had to outwork other dogs to earn her spot on the team, and she did just that.

“A guy said to me, ‘She is not going to last a week out there and neither are you,'” Flowers told the students.

All the students oohed and aahed at the pictures of her dogs pulling the sled across the snow or just relaxing after a long day of work.

Flowers’ trip took 11 months because she was stranded on an island for five and a half months because warm weather melted the ocean. And she almost didn’t make it to the island because the ice continued to crack beneath her and the dogs.

“The hardest part was when the ice was breaking,” she said. “I thought we were going to die.”

Flowers answered questions from students following her presentation. Most of them were about her dogs, especially Anna.

Only three of her dogs from the trip in 1993 are still alive, Anna being one of them.