It’s called Slentrol and it’s the first drug aimed at helping pudgy pooches shed some pounds.

Those at CSU College of Veterinary Medicine say it’s due out in May, but they’ve gotten a chance to take at a look at it.

“I don’t think this is a huge marketing ploy because when you have half of your dog population overweight, that’s a significant problem,” said CSU clinician Dr. Rebecca Ruch-Gallie.

Ruch-Gallie says America’s weight problem is now a problem in the canine population and causing illnesses like diabetes.

She says Slentrol may help. Created by Pfizer and approved by the FDA, it works by limiting the amount of fat that gets absorbed into the body and suppressing the dog’s appetite.

Ruch-Gallie says it’s really only meant for obese dogs and can only be used for up to a year, so she says the drug is not a cure-all.

“(People) really have to work on changing lifestyle and dietary management while they’re on this drug, so when they go off of the drug, the animal can have some hope of maintaining that weight,” said Ruch-Gallie.